About The eBook Reader.com

Hello, my name is Nathan and I'm the owner/writer/webmaster of The-eBook-Reader.com. I started this website because I've always had a great interest in reading and writing, especially the kind of imaginative fiction that makes you question your view of reality, or takes you to worlds you never thought possible.

I used to buy paperback books by the armload from a local used bookstore (5 for $4!) where you had to navigate through long, rickety rows of bookshelves and try not to knock over random stacks of books piled to the ceiling.

It was a great store, but it no longer exists. The only bookstores around now are the huge mega stores like Borders and Barnes and Noble, where most books sell for cover price. I used to be able to get 10 paperbacks for under $10, but with these places I can only get one.

So then I started buying used books through Amazon, sometimes they are only 1 cent, just pay the shipping. But the problem with this is that I often wanted to buy multiple books at once, and trying to find a list of particular titles at one shop is nearly impossible. I would end up having to pay shipping from like 3 different locations.

Finally I got started on ebooks. It took me a long time to notice them because I never enjoyed reading at the computer; I'd rather sit back and relax when reading fiction.

That's where the my first ebook reader came in. I thought it was a stupid, pointless gadget when my friend first gave it to me, but after a few uses it really started to grow on me, and I eventually found a ton of websites to download free, legal ebooks that are actually quite good (my most favorite is Baen).

I also found out that a lot of my favorite authors already had a bunch of ebooks available, and the prices were lower than I expected, especially on older titles.

Thus my appreciation of ebooks and ebook readers began.

You can contact me by sending an email on my contact page.