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Welcome to the future of reading! The eBook is an organized, informative resource for everything about the world of electronic book readers, from dedicated ereaders like Kindles and Kobos, to tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Kindle Fires.

As the popularity of ebooks and digital media continues to grow, so does the number of new ebook readers and tablets coming onto the market. Each device offers different features for displaying ebooks and other digital content, all of which you can learn about here on this website with hands-on reviews, video walkthroughs, how to tutorials, and honest opinions.

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eBook Readers


Electronic Paper eBook Readers

Boox M96

Portable reading devices like the Amazon Kindle, Onyx Boox, PocketBook, and Kobo eReaders all use a unique technology called epaper, which aims to mimic the look of ink on printed paper.

Epaper is very energy efficient—a battery charge can last up to 2 months—and it is easily readable in bright light, unlike LCD tablets, computers, and phones.

And since it isn't backlit, electronic paper is known to minimize eye strain, especially when reading for extended periods.

Color eReaders and Tablets

iPad eBooks

Ever since the iPad made reading on LCD screens popular, an explosion of Android tablets marketed as ereaders have hit the market.

Color ereaders and tablets are more suited for reading magazines, newspapers, children's books, comics, and web content than dedicated ebook readers with monochrome screens.

As technology continues to evolve, tablets and ebook readers may soon merge into one with color display technologies like Mirasol, Pixel Qi, and color E Ink.

List of eBook Readers

Below is a list of ebook readers as well as a few tablets marketed as ereaders. Make sure to check the Tablet section of this site to find more information regarding tablets.

Kindle Voyage
Kindle Oasis
Kindle Paperwhite 3
Kindle Touch (2016)
Fire Tablet
Barnes and Noble Nook GlowLight Plus
Galaxy Tab A Nook
Boyue T62
Energy eReader Pro
Icarus Illumina HD
Kobo Aura H2O
Kobo Aura 2
Kobo Aura One
Kobo Touch 2
Onyx Boox Max
Onyx Boox C67ML
Onyx Boox i86
Onyx Boox N96
Onyx Boox C67s
Onyx Boox T67 Plus
PocketBook InkPad
PocketBook eReaders
Samsung Galaxy Tab A
Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite
Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
Sony DPT-S1

More eBook Readers »

The ereaders below marked in gray are older discontinued models that are no longer being made but are still available in some areas.

Alex Reader
Aluratek Libre Color
Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro
Barnes and Noble Nook GlowLight
Kindle 7 (2014)
Kindle Paperwhite 1
Kindle Paperwhite 2
Amazon Kindle Touch
Amazon Kindle 2
Amazon Kindle Fire HD
Amazon Kindle 2012
Amazon Kindle DX
Amazon Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle 4
Amazon Kindle 3
Fire HD
Fire HDX
Apple iPad 3
Augen The Book
Asus DR-900
Barnes and Noble Nook 1
Barnes and Noble Nook Color
Barnes and Noble Nook Touch
Barnes and Noble Nook Touch with GlowLight
Barnes and Noble Nook Tablet
Barnes and Noble Nook HD Tablets
Cybook Muse
Cybook Odyssey
Cybook Ocean
Cybook Gen3
Cybook Opus
Cybook Orizon
Elonex eBook
Entourage Edge
Fujitsu FLEPia
Foxit eSlick
Hanvon eReaders
Hanvon C-18 Mirasol Color eReader
Icarus Excel
iRex Digital Reader
iRex DR-800
iRex iLiad
iRiver Cover Story Touch
iRiver Story
iRiver Story HD
JetBook Color
Kobo Aura
Kobo Aura HD
Kobo WiFi
Kobo 1
Kobo Touch
Kobo Glo
Kobo Glo HD
Kobo Mini
Kobo Vox
NextBook Next3
NextBook Next5
NextBook Next6
NextBook Next7
NextBook Next8
Onyx Boox
Onyx Boox T68
Onyx Boox M96
Onyx Boox x60
Onyx Boox AfterGlow 2
Onyx Boox Classic
Onyx Boox I67ML
Onyx Boox I62A
Pandigital eReader
Pandigital Novel
Pandigital Novel 9-inch
Pandigital Nova
Pandigital Planet
Pandigital SuperNova
PocketBook 360+
PocketBook IQ
PocketBook 602
PocketBook 301
PocketBook Aqua
PocketBook CAD Reader
PocketBook Ultra
PocketBook CoverReader
Pyrus Mini
Sony PRS-505
Sony PRS-700
Sony PRS-300 Pocket Edition
Sony PRS-600 Touch Edition
Sony PRS-900 Daily Edition
Sony PRS-350 Pocket Edition
Sony PRS-650 Touch Edition
Sony PRS-950 Touch Edition
Sony PRS-T1
Sony PRS-T2
Sony PRS-T3

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