Cooler E-Reader - Disappointing Quality and Support

by Dean Johnston
(Saskatoon, Canada)

We purchased 2 Coolers in July 09 when they first came on the market and unfortunately would not recommend them to anyone. While one has generally worked ok, less than 2 weeks into a 4 month trip to South America my wife’s unit started having problems – freezing up, getting caught in continuous loops while starting up, having the screen suddenly become garbled. A number of different fixes worked at different times but nothing actually solved the problems. Mine has also had some of the same problems but never as bad.

Eventually we were told to send hers back in mid-October (from Bolivia, paid by us, eventually reimbursed in Jan/10). Despite the fact we tracked it and knew they had received it before the end of October we never heard back until I hounded them in mid-November and finally got a response. I was told it was fixed but they were just waiting on a new software upgrade and would send it out next week. That turned out to be a blatant lie. Three weeks later I hadn’t heard anything and tried contacting them again – no response, no response.

Finally, in mid-December, I got fed up and sent an angry email to everyone in the organization I could find contact info for. That apparently got their attention as I received several replies and even a phone call. Their PR rep was very helpful and got a new unit sent out immediately (which was good because apparently they could no longer locate our original one). Of course, although she also promised to send us free credit in the Cooler Bookstore we never did receive this.

Now, while the new unit doesn’t seem to suffer from the original problems, the battery appears to be defective (it lasts about 10% as long as our other one – not even a full day). I once again contacted Cooler Support, even offering to purchase a new battery, and after a third try was told:

The COOL-ER's battery is easily removable. If you do find a replacement battery at a local battery retailer please feel free to try one out. I currently do not have a replacement battery to offer.

Best regards,

I thought it was very generous of them to “allow” us to try to find a new battery at our own cost since they apparently don’t bother keeping replacement parts around. Unbelievable.

All in all, we’ve had nothing but headaches with Cooler and I now understand why they were cheaper than the rest. Even when they are technically working they still occasional get stuck cycling and overall they just seem poorly made. So, while I don’t have any personal experience with other models, I would recommend trying anything else since I can’t see how the quality or service could really be any worse.

Dean Johnston

Comments for Cooler E-Reader - Disappointing Quality and Support

Apr 14, 2010 good to know
by: Anonymous

good to know. was thinking of getting one but if they cant even replace the battery whats the point.

Jun 09, 2010 +1
by: Anonymous

I completely recognize your experience with the Cool-er E-reader and their customer service.

I have bought my Cool-er E-reader almost one year ago and it has never worked properly.
The battery indicator is flakey and the battery itself does not last up to 1000 page views (8000 page views should be possible according to the specs). I have sent it to the repair center twice (the last time it took 6 weeks for them to return the e-reader) without any result. They just put new firmware and that's it. I called and e-mailed the customer service several times, but I get no response or completely useless answers that are of no help. I even emailed the marketing director, but no response.
I am completely fed up with them and regret buying this product.

Jun 19, 2010 Not Cool-ereader
by: Anonymous

I am another user with similar problems, especially about the freezing. I wondered if it could be my resposability, if some files I uploaded would eventually have some trouble... But now I see the problems I had are pretty common...
I don't know what to do. I must say that, from what I read here, I also afraid of sending it to assistance!


Jun 21, 2010 Same here
by: JH

I sent my Cooler in for repair in February 2010 as of June 21 I still have not got anything back form them. I have phoned and had a length email conversation with the support but all they do is tell me they have had issues but they will contact me as soon as the issues has been sorted.

I have asked for a new device or a refund, but all the support personal said was that she could not pay it out of her own pocket, which I of course did not request her to do. I want the company to pay me back obviously.

I will try to repost here if there is any resolution to this problem.

Jun 21, 2010 Same here
by: JH

I sent my Cooler in for repair in February 2010 as of June 21 I still have not got anything back form them. I have phoned and had a length email conversation with the support but all they do is tell me they have had issues but they will contact me as soon as the issues has been sorted.

I have asked for a new device or a refund, but all the support personal said was that she could not pay it out of her own pocket, which I of course did not request her to do. I want the company to pay me back obviously.

I will try to repost here if there is any resolution to this problem.

Jun 24, 2010 No answer from support
by: Magdolna Kiss

Mine frozed, but it`s been working for a whileafter apdateing the firmware. Now a new issue: the screen has black patches on. The device is not turning at all, what ever I`m doing. I wrote a couple of e-mail to the support team, but now answer at all. Anyone has phone number? Or any other e-mail adress to contact?
Thanks a lot!

Jul 01, 2010 phone #
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have a phone # to contact them. They have had my reader and money for 4 months. No Response from them when i email support. PHONE #???


Jul 02, 2010 Support contact number
by: Anonymous

I can give you a UK phone number: +44 1189 076 586.
But don't expect to get past a voicemail box - I managed to speak to them about 7 weeks ago, but have had no success since.
BTW - mailing support is a waste of time as well. On my last email (3 weeks ago) I attached a "return receipt" to notify me when it had been received and read; NEITHER has happened.

Jul 04, 2010 Piece of Junk
by: Anonymous

Same problems as all of you. However, I bought mine from QVC when it was a Today's Special Value right before the holidays. I was able to return it, and I did. I noticed that QVC never offered the product again. Guess they must have gotten them all back!!!

Jul 12, 2010 Cool-er Goes Into Liquidation
by: Anonymous

Editor's Note: Interead, the company behind the Cool-er ereader, has gone into liquidation.

Here's a recent blog post about it:

Aug 04, 2010 Lousy Company
by: Anonymous

Sent my Cooler in for repair in April...At first CS was very helpful, sent me info needed to return for warranty work, est. return date etc...After they received it they informed me it would have to be eplaced and they would send one out a.s.a.p....That was approx. the first of May....Well now it's August and I have nothing, no Cooler , no refund...No mater how many times I've tried to contact the company, by phone and e-mail, I've never gotten a response...

Sep 20, 2010 Never Again
by: Anonymous

I was so stupid to buy a Cooler E-Reader. After only 4 weeks: black patches on the screen, freezing...

Oct 17, 2010 Returned for repair
by: Kerry

I sent my Cool-er off for repair in May 2010 and as yet have not received it back, I had only owned it 2 days before the problems started. Have contacted customer services several times but with no response.

Nov 11, 2010 Complete unit failure
by: Anonymous

Am very grateful for everyone's comments - they have saved a lot of time trying to get my cooler e-reader repaired. My reader is almost 12 months old. A few weeks ago it stopped book marking pages, then the battery started to 'leak' power and wouldn't charge properly. Now the battery has just stopped working altogether, and the unit is no longer recognised by any computer, so I can't even try to charge it as it just doesn't connect. I've tried to get on to the cooler site to see if there are some software issues, but apparently that site no longer exists either, and I've just been told they have gone into liquidation in the US, which is probably why I've had no response to the email I've sent to customer service. I was considering trying to get it fixed, but I think now I'll just replace it.

Nov 27, 2010 Cooler e reader books
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for the Cooler E -Reader posts. I now realize the company is out of business, thanks to you.
My question is can I get ebooks from somewhere else and use them on the Cooler, or am I stuck with this as an unusable object?
Is it compatable with the Kindle or with the Nook from B&N.

Nov 30, 2010 Same problems
by: Anonymous

Problems since the word go ....bought one for my wife when they were first released. Worst buy of my life. Constant poblems. Went back to them for 3 months usual crap about software upgrade and its in the post excuses. Came back just the same.

Currently the thing is not usable. Computer can't see it.

Time to admit defeat.

Feb 08, 2011 Looking for screen
by: Anonymous

I'm looking for screen used in Cooler readers. Anyone with defective Cooler and non-broken screen willing to sell or donate it please contact

Feb 09, 2011 ereader repair
by: Anonymous

Hi does anyone know where you CAN get the cool-er e-reader repaired? Does anyone have any recommendations. Have tried to switch it on, it starts to work, light comes on and black squares appear across the bottom of the screen then it just stops. Have tried the "reset" button to no effect. Any ideas or recommendations greatly appreciated.

Feb 17, 2011 Company is gone but my Cooler lives on
by: Anonymous

My Cooler is still working, I've had it a little longer than a year. I still love it.

Yes, you can get books for it lots of places. Any book in EPUB or EPDF will work (other formats are supported as well). You can buy them online, or download them from libraries.

Mine stopped working this summer after I dropped it. After learning the company was liquidated, I went ahead and took the Cooler apart and resat the cables (unplug and replug), and then it started working again. That's probably worth a try for anyone whose Cooler doesn't work!

Feb 21, 2011 To: ereader repair
by: Anonymous

Local shop where I bought mine say they are sending Coolers to service center in Riga. I can ask for contact for You. But in my case (broken screen) it was not worth. It is approximately same price to buy Amazon Kindle 3 or to replace E-Ink screen.

Feb 23, 2011 Broken screen
by: Maxine

We have this reader and hadnt had any problems till the screen got broken (we have a little girl think she might have done it) weve only had it since July does anybody know where we can get a replacement screen or who we contact to find out, im getting nowhere on google search for contacts. Any help advice would be appreciated

Sep 04, 2011 Same 2 me, but i solved it :O
by: NeMewSys

Hey guys i think i got a way to fix some of the frozen cool-ers, e-mail me to with the subject "[Urgent] My Cool-er is (frozen/dead/sucks/another pretty word)".
I'll try to give you good feedback.

Sep 21, 2011 NeMewSys
by: Anonymous

Can't you beter post that info on a forum. Or are you trying to get some adresses (no hard feelings I'm carefull with that stuff). Searching my *ss of to get any fix to my wifes frozen Cooler E. tried to reinstall the same firmware (last one I know about) but it didn't work out. gives some loading cubes in the lower corner but won't get to the firmware update tool. Any idea........? anyone ?

Anyway's good luck everyone.

P. Netherlands

Sep 21, 2011 I fixed my wifes Cooler-E
by: Anonymous

Hi Peoples,

As I told in my previous post my wifes Cooler-E froze. Got to cold I guess ;). Anyway. after my post I dicided to get out the battery and try to update again as you can find on youtube ;

Well that kinda worked out. It got into the firmware update tool and it is running again. I know it is hard to get the firmware from the internet but with some google hits you'll get there. just search on forums in cache (google). so 1. get out the battery and hit the power butten to really emty all the chips. 2. plug it back in. 3. connect it to the computer 4. restart and watch youtube video.

I'm trying to help, I know it worked for me. If anyhow it doesn't work for you and uo make it woorse or even kill your device I wont take the blame. It is at own risk blabla you know the deal.

succes I hope I've been helpfull,

regards, P, Netherlands

Oct 27, 2011 Screen
by: KimnCocoa

Anyone with a broken cooler that is not screen related who would be interested in getting rid of their broken/frozen cooler. contact me at Mine works except I broke the silly screen.

Nov 02, 2011 Alternative firmware for Cooler
by: A.K.

Those not satisfied with Cooler firmware may try to use one from PocketBook 301. Instructions can be found at
It is difficult to find file mentioned there but it does exist.
My experience is that it is much better.

Dec 22, 2011 Cooler E Reader - Freeze Fix
by: phoenix

I had my E-reader for 18 months, then out of the blue it froze and would not do anything at all apart from showing gradiating grey to black horizontal stripes. Good news though - I took it into my local 'techie' shop and within less than 2 hours I had it back and it was working again. They said it was a software problem and it only cost £15 to have it fixed.

The only down side was that the few books that I did have on it were wiped but I do have them stored on my laptop. I also obtained about another 30 free books (classics).

This company is in Cheshire, if you wish to look them up then their website is they are also on facebook.

Happy reading.

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