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In the US, Amazon has over 375,000 ebooks available for download from their Kindle eBooks Store. New York Times bestsellers and most new releases are $9.99, much less than the hardcover editions that run about $25. Older books are around $3 to $6. And they have several thousand free public domain ebooks.

If you want to see if your favorite authors have Kindle ebooks, type in their name or book title and select Kindle Store from the search drop-down (it's at the very bottom).

International Users: If you live outside the US, your selection of ebooks greatly depends on the country you live in; book rights vary in different regions. Make sure to visit Amazon's Kindle International page and select the country where you live to see the selection of content available. Check often because the numbers are increasing all the time. You can also use the search box above to look for individual titles.

Most new releases and bestsellers sell for $11.99 outside the US, except for countries that charge VAT, which brings the cost up to $13.99. There are also 25,000 to 100,000 titles available for under $5.99, depending on where you live.

Books cost $2 more outside the US because of higher wireless costs and having to negotiate book rights abroad. US customers traveling outside the US also have to pay the higher price for wireless delivery.

Newspaper Subscriptions

At current count, there are 65 different newspapers that you can have wirelessly sent to your Kindle each morning. You can purchase a subscription or a single issue. All Kindle Newspaper Subscriptions start with a two-week free trial. Below are some of Amazon's bestsellers. Hover over them to see prices and ratings.

Free eBooks

Amazon, publishers, and authors offer new free Kindle ebooks each month. You can easily find these latest Kindle ebooks on this thread from the good folks at the MobileRead Forums. There are a number of popular titles and highly-rated free books, along with a list of ebooks for $1 or less.

In addition, there are a few sites that offer free ebooks that you can download with the Kindle's basic browser (where applicable), notably, Feedbooks, and Munsey's. Check out our free ebooks page to find more Kindle-compatible sites. Some of the best ones to start with are Project Gutenberg, Fictionwise, and Baen's Free Library.

Another solid option for free Kindle ebooks is Mobipocket. They have around 11,000 ebooks in MOBI format, including several different languages.

There are 17 free romance novels from in MOBI format.

If you're really into public domain books, you can download them in EPUB and PDF formats from the million or so available through Google and then convert them to MOBI format using Calibre.


In addition to the text-to-speech feature that reads written books aloud, the Kindle supports audiobooks. There are 60,000 audio titles available from And Project Gutenberg has a wide selection of free public domain audiobooks in multiple languages. Because of large file sizes, audiobooks must be downloaded to a computer and then transferred via USB cable to your Kindle.

Magazine Subscriptions

Amazon has 40 different Kindle Magazine and Journal Subscriptions to choose from. Like newspapers, you can buy a subscription or just a single issue. The ten bestsellers are shown below . . .

Blog Subscriptions

There are also several thousand Kindle Blogs and News Feeds that you can subscribe to for $1-2 a month. These are some of the most popular ones.

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