Nook Covers, Skins, and Accessories

Nook Covers and Accessories From B&N

Out of the box the original Barnes and Noble Nook 3G and WiFi come with a mini-USB cable, AC adapter, rechargeable battery, and quick start guide; it does not come with a much-needed cover.

B&N has a wide selection of covers and neoprene sleeves in different styles and colors that start at $20.

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Nook Covers Under $30.00

Tupper Quote Cover in Leaf  Sinclair Cover - Brown Jonathan Adler Punctuation Cover Industriell Front Cover
Industriell Cover Brontė Cover in Storm Bronte Cover in Turq Bleecker Cover in Asphalt

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Designer Nook Covers and Totes

If you explore B&N's website you'll find that they're going all out with designer covers, some of which, by kate spade, cost as much as $85-$125. B&N just introduced totes by Lilly Pulitzer as well.

Nook Frames and Backs

Something different, instead of skins, B&N offers frames and backs to customize look and feel. The frames come in several different colors and varieties, and some are made out of polyurethane and others silicone. Frames and backs generally cost under $20.

Nook Covers From Amazon

Not surprisingly, Amazon has dozens of Nook covers to choose from too. The M-edge covers are generally the most popular brand and start at around $30. There are a variety of colors and styles, some are sleeves and others are small bags, some have hard cases and others soft.


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More Nook Covers

Cover From Oberon Design

If you want something more unique you can get a cover from Oberon Design. Oberon also makes covers for Kindle and Sony Readers, among a wide range of things.

Their leather covers are handmade and feature intricate designs. An example of one of their covers is pictured to the right. There are currently 20 different designs to choose from. They are a bit pricey but are quite gorgeous.

Another option is for rubber silicone cases that are just $14.95.

Nook Skins From Decalgirl

Skins are an inexpensive way to customize the appearance of your Nook, and add an extra layer of protection against dings and scratches. has over 100 works of art to choose from. The skins cost $14.99 for glossy finish and $19.99 for matte. Each skin comes with a code to download the matching wallpaper.

Nook Skin (High Gloss Finish) - Moon Stone Nook Skin (High Gloss Finish) - Frog Nook Skin (High Gloss Finish) - I Am Yours
Nook Skin (High Gloss Finish) - Shrooms Nook Skin (High Gloss Finish) - Wolf Tree Nook Skin (High Gloss Finish) - Lettereater

Nook Skins From GelaSkins

Another option for Nook Skins is GelaSkins, with over 80 skins to choose from. You can even create your own designs. The skins cost $19.95 and come with matching wallpaper.

Poplar Grove for nook by National Geographic Aurora Borealis Over Jordan Pond for nook by National Geographic Purple Coneflower for nook by National Geographic
Reunion for nook by Kathie Olivas-Brandt Peters Los Luchadores for nook by Joe Sorren Birthmachine for nook by H.R. Giger

More Nook Accessories

Avid Nook connoisseurs may find themselves in need of some miscellaneous Nook accessories at some time or another. Reading lights, screen protectors, USB adaptors—to name a few.

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