Where To Find eBooks For Sony eBook Readers

To accommodate a growing market in a number of countries, Sony is opening up its support for DRM protected ebooks by allowing users to download Adobe EPUB and PDF ebooks from a wide variety of vendors, so you aren't just tied into the Sony eBook Store. Here are some of the most popular places to get ebooks for a Sony Reader . . .

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Free Sony eBooks

If you are looking for free ebooks for your Sony Reader, the free ebooks page lists a number of websites that have books in compatible formats.

Some of the best places to download are Project Gutenberg, Manybooks.net, Feedbooks, and Baen Free Library. BBEB and EPUB are the best formats for Sony Readers, followed by RTF and PDF.

Another source for free ebooks is Libraries . . .

Library eBooks

Sony has teamed up with OverDrive, which gives users access to local libraries' digital collections. Type your zip code into the Library Finder and get connected to your local library's website. With a valid library card you can download ebooks and more, which will automatically expire after a given time. The ebooks are in EPUB or PDF format. This service isn't available in all areas. Here's a how to guide for getting library ebooks.

The Sony eBook Store

United States and Canada: Sony just transitioned their library of ebooks to EPUB format, so any device that supports Adobe EPUB has access to their ebooks. Here's the link to download Sony's Reader Library.

With it, you can download ebooks from Sony's ebook store. There are currently over 200,000 ebooks available and 1 million free public domain ebooks through a partnership with Google.

The Sony ebook store sells most new release and bestsellers for $9.99. They just added some newspaper subscriptions, with some exclusive to the Sony ebook store.

You can also check out the all the other websites listed on this page and search their titles for your particular interest of reading material.

United Kingdom: The Sony eBook store is currently unavailable outside the US and Canada. You still use Sony's Library Software to manage your ebooks, or Adobe Digital Editions, but there isn't access to the online store. Instead, you purchase ebooks from any independent website that offers EPUB and PDF formats.

Sony recommends Waterstone's and WHSmith. Other websites listed on this page may work as well, but some have regional restrictions so you may need to check first.

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