Ebook Reader Guide
How To Choose The Best eReader

Welcome to the ebook reader choosing guide!

If you are having trouble deciding which new device to get, this guide will help you determine the best ebook reader for your specific needs by looking at some key differentiating factors between brands.

The first thing to do before deciding to get a new ebook reader is to identify the features that are most important to you or the person you're buying it for, along with determining exactly what you want to use the device for.

There is no such thing as a perfect ereader (yet). Each offers different ebook selection, features, and functionality. So lets start with the heart of ebook readers: content.

Too impatient for steps? Skip to the end and check out the device list at the bottom of the page.

Step #1 – Digital Media Selection

If you intend on buying ebooks for your ebook reader, and not relying on public domain and other free titles, the most important first step is to research ebook availability and pricing for your region.

Step #1: Research Content Selection

Step #2 – eBook Reader Features

Next on the ebook reader guide list, you need to determine what features are most important to you in an ebook reader. Free wireless downloads? Touchscreen? Portability? Battery life? There are plenty of options to choose from in this category, and each ebook reader offers something different.

Step #2: eBook Reader Features

Step #3 - Research Devices

The last step in the ebook reader guide is to follow these links to review information about these particular devices on this website. You'll find detailed information about each ebook reader, along with photos and video demonstrations, to get a better idea of which device is the best for you.

If the number of choices seems overwhelming, start with the ones you know first and go from there. You can also start with the Comparison Table for a condensed list of ebook readers that are currently available on the market.

The ones marked in gray can only be found used or in very narrow markets, so you might steer clear of them unless that's specifically what you want.

Alex Reader
ASUS Transformer
Augen The Book
Kindle 3 Review
Amazon Kindle 2
Amazon Kindle DX
Apple iPad
Barnes and Noble Nook
Barnes and Noble Nook Color
Barnes and Noble Nook Touch
BlackBerry PlayBook
Cruz Tablet
Cybook Gen3
Cybook Opus
Elonex eBook
Entourage Edge
Fujitsu FLEPia
Foxit eSlick
Hanvon eReaders
iRex Digital Reader
iRex DR-800
iRex iLiad
iRiver Story
iRiver Story HD
Kobo 1
Kobo WiFi
Kobo Touch
Libre eBook Reader Pro
Libre Color
Motorola XOOM
NextBook Next3
NextBook Next3
Notion Ink Adam
Onyx Boox
Pandigital Novel
9" Pandigital Novel
PocketBook 360+
PocketBook IQ
PocketBook 602
PocketBook 301
Other PocketBook eReaders
Sony PRS-505
Sony PRS-700
Sony PRS-300 Pocket Edition
Sony PRS-600 Touch Edition
Sony PRS-900 Daily Edition
Sony PRS-350 Pocket Edition
Sony PRS-650 Touch Edition
Sony PRS-950 Touch Edition

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